TYPE 12 To Travel Is To Live

It’s hard to imagine what civilisation would have been like if early men did not venture out of their caves to the land beyond. Indeed, man’s urge to travel have filled the pages of history. They travel for discoveries, curiosity, trade and to be pioneers. There was a time when man travelled to other celestial bodies too. Nowadays we travel for shopping, food, sight-seeing and much more. Let’s be a world traveler in 2019. Use this calendar to plot your journey and remind yourself and others that to travel is to live life to the fullest.




THAILAND “Sawadee” to those who love shopping, food, and temples! This is the playground for young and old. Go beyond the cities and discover the true fabric of  this colourful land of smiles! Once a year, go someplace you’re never been before.

NEW ZEALAND Venture into a land of vast openness, clean air and lots of farmland! This is Nature at its purest. This is land

of the Hobbits! Go where you feel most alive.

DENMARK Here’s a land of islands and bridges everywhere, and lots of bicycles. Almost filled with land just above sea level. Besides being the land where Lego originated from, Denmark has lots of Scandinavian history and culture to absorb. Don’t listen to what they say. Go see.




SWEDEN A small Scandinavian country with just over ten million people, almost half rural, and yet is the seventh richest country by GDP. Search for the mythical northern lights. Immerse in the classic architecture. Or experience a cottage homestay. You’ll never know until you go.

GREECE Definitely a spot for history buffs and holiday seekers of sun-graced romantic islands and cliff resorts. From buildings of white marbles to glittering clear waters, Greece is a Mediterranean all-season wonderland. Travel is my therapy.

ITALY This the throbbing heart of old Europe drowned with great history, distinctive architecture and rich food! Don’t forget the romantic islands, world-class fashion, everything art and picture perfect spots for impressive selfies. Travelling tends to magnify all human emotions.




KOREA Go right to the heart of those Korean dramas and K-Pop! Get close up on the traditional culture and most modern trends that blends with the new vibes of technology, all in exciting and vibrant Korea. Travel more. Buy less.

UKRAINE This breakaway Russian nation is a haven for skiing, fishing and hiking fans. There’s the Black Sea, the numerous castles and historical cities of Kiev and Odessa. This is a new country with lots of old history. People forget years and remember moments.

NETHERLANDS Yes, this is Holland! Land of the windmills, dykes and roaming cows. Old Amsterdam, modern Rotterdam, fields of tulips and lots of cultural landmarks and parks are found throughout the country. Yes, this is a huge country to explore beyond your hotel door. Travel is the healthiest addiction.




CHILE Be like the Spanish conquistadors and venture to a South American country with a diverse landscape that stretches 4,300km in length. Besides modern cities, explore geographical extremes : valleys of greens, slopes of deserts, idyllic islands and snow-capped peaks. The world is yours to explore.

RUSSIA You can never tour all of Russia! It’s like a fairy land that is endless in treasures of history, culture and everything in between. Party in the cities, soak in the gentle countryside, ride the great trains from city to city or just feast on the enormous display of national treasures. Travel is an investment in yourself.

JAPAN Bright lights, speedy trains, clean air, lots of new tech and great shopping. Discover them all in cool and trendy Japan. Go beyond Tokyo, go island hopping. There are even places not on the tourist maps that always welcome visitors with open arms. I read, I travel, I become.

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